About sub-prepaid metering

Council prepaid and sub metering prepaid (KK prepaid), what is the difference?

If you a home owner, living in your house or you own a house but rent it out and want that house to go off the conventional post-billing system to prepaid (not get a bill on electricity from council) you will have go through council, sub metering companies won’t be able to help you. With water it's different as majority of councils are not doing prepaid water.


If you own a house and rent it out and want the tenant to pay for the water on prepaid system, KK Prepaid can help you collect your funds on a prepayment system before the tenant consumes the water, but you will still get a water bill from council and will use the monies refunded by KK Prepaid to fit the council bill. The guarantee of the funds before the tenant is there for the home owner.

You can contact your neatest municipal building for information on their application process. Their numbers will be on your council bill.


Sub metering?

Managing electricity, water and gas that feeds off the main council meter, weather be the conventional billing meter or a council prepaid meter.

So what if I have cottages or rooms on my property I rent out? What if I own/manage a block of flats/complex or a property managing agent? Commercial, industrial rentals and business parks?

That is where KK prepaid (sub prepaid metering company) comes in. We offer complete metering solutions on all electrical, water and gas after council meters. From kilowatts / kiloliters and rand value consumption and date and time of purchase in easy to use reporting options. This is done via sub prepaid meters in each rental units that link up to an online management system, giving control of a whole establishment. If there is electricity, water and gas that needs to be split and managed prepaid, KK prepaid does it.

Do it the right way, the safe way, the KK Prepaid way!!!



How the management of the funds work?

"The tenant can purchase a voucher from any shopping outlet or online facility, the funds are then loaded directly to a secure holdings account and the system records the purchase (date and time, Rand, kilowatt, and kilolitre value). Month end, on the 30th/31st statements are run for each meter account to allocate payments. Payments are done on the 3rd/4th of each month and reachable to owner's accounts by the 5th of each month, that's KK Promise to its clients.

The prepaid meter acts like an on/off switch, only allowing electricity/water through when there are funds loaded on the prepaid meter. The funds are bought through Rand value and transferred into kilowatt or kilolitre value, simple easy to use system with plenty of benefits.

  • No more disputes or arguments between home owners and tenants!
  • No more debt collecting.
  • The most affordable commissions on tariffs!
  • Accurate digital meter reading technology, no more meter readings!
  • Guarantee of 100% of funds collect payable every month!
  • No Hefty bills lumped on tenants at month end!
  • Save power due to lower electricity consumption
  • Online monitoring systems
  • 24/7 voucher purchases nationally!
  • Reducing costs, reading meters and the admin work is done for you!
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