About KK

KK prepaid is a sub metering company which manager's energy and minerals usage through state of the art on-line Smart and Prepaid metering management system. Founded in 2012 by a group of people who share the same vision of managing the sustainability of South Africa's energy and minerals. KK mission is to help people manage their livelihood costs that affect South Africa energy and minerals. We can manage, create self-awareness on consumption and guarantee the funds paid over, of what South African's are currently consuming and what rate through exact metering solutions. Now we can create a system that allows people paying for what they use, no more estimations or arguments, creating a responsible country. This will in turn maintain the future of South Africa’s resources that need to be consumed in order to run our country.

We strive to offer the best solutions to our clients both owners and tenants. Prepaid electricity, water and gas can be bought anywhere in South Africa at any shop, garage, chain store, online banking ATM, online with KK Prepaid 24/7. We take on tenants; educate them on the consumption and how to live in the most effective ways.

For owners we offer total management solution. We support the owners by helping them manage and understand their properties consumption with exact reporting and metering solutions.

We have customer care help line that will help with any query, guide you through any problem for owners and tenants.


Take the power back into your hands.