'KK prepaid is a sub metering company which manager's and administrates electricity, water and gas consumption (usage) through state of the art Smart and Prepaid metering management system. KK Prepaid can help Landlords & body corporate's manage & administrate their electrical and water consumption through the highest quality of Prepaid meters in conjunction with the finest prepaid management online system.

Having an online system allows any of our management organisations to monitor their own meters, with functions such blocking meters, running arrears on accounts, viewing purchase with date and time accuracy, and a variety of reports giving meters consumptions in Kwh (electricity), Kilolitters (water) and rand values. The collecting of arrears offers collection of other services such as levies, unpaid rent, Effluent or fines from managing bodies.

Prepaid is there for the tenants too. It helps people to manage their consumption, becoming more economically viable! It’s so simple and easy to use it teacher’s people to be energy and water conscious. Any KK Prepaid client can buy vouchers at any shopping outlet or online facility, we listed throughout.

List of users

  • Municipal councils
  • Body Corporates
  • Managing/administrative body's
  • Landlords
  • Large Property owners
  • Commercial rentals
  • Business parks
  • Industrial Parks
  • Sub cottages on properties
  • Blocks of flats
  • Townhouse complex's
  • Clusters
Gemlite meter and water meter

Linking with KK Prepaid allows tenants to buy vouchers through any outlet or online facility. We are fully serviced by both Unipin and Easypay.